• Pinch valve NPT assembly

      Pinch Valve NPT Assembly
      Product Features
      The PanBlastTM Pinch Valve NPT is designed to allow an operator to halt the blasting process without depressurizing the blast pot by isolating flow within the blast hose. The pinch operation provides a simple method of ceasing the blasting operation at the nozzle. The NPT configuration is compatible with most U.S. blasting equipment.
      Simple piston operation.
      Cost effective control.
      Easily activated by a deadman control handle.
      Plunger guide tubes for consistent travel.
      NPT supply air connection.
      Common Applications
      Simple, temporary blasting shutoff/startup at the blast nozzle.
      Economical flow control for blasting operations.

    • Safe-T-Pinch valve assembly

      Safe-T-Pinch Valve Assembly
      Product Features
      The PanBlastTM Safe-T-Pinch Valve is a pneumatically operated normally closed horizontally configured pinch valve, combining dual pinch rams to pinch the blast hose via a piloted air signal to start and stop the abrasive blasting process.
      Fail safe normally closed system.
      Wear dispersion dual pinch rams.
      Accommodates all blast hose sizes.
      Encapsulated pinch ram chamber.
      Common Applications
      General abrasive blasting operation.
      Multi-operator large site blasting projects.
      Shipyard manufacturing & repair yards.
      Oil & gas plant shut down maintenance.

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