• Sidewinder Angle Blast Nozzles

      Sidewinder Angle Blast Nozzles
      Product Features
      PanBlastTM Sidewinder Angle Nozzles are designed for blasting areas that would normally be inaccessible with conventional blast nozzles. Nozzle outlets are located on the side, at a 45° angle, to reach behind and inside components. This series includes nozzles with single and multiple outlets as well as a wide range of sizes.
      Lightweight, durable aluminum jacket.
      Rugged, water-resistant tungsten carbide sleeve.
      1 or 3 outlet configuration.
      Size #4 (6mm, 1/4”), #5 (8mm, 5/16”) and #6 (10mm, 3/8”) available.
      Available with 50mm (2”) coarse and 30mm (1-1/4”) fine threads.
      Common Applications
      Internal pipe cleaning operations.
      Blasting under ledges and other protrusions.
      Large or small blast pot operations.

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