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The Plastic Blast Cleaning Media (PBCM) is designed specifically for deflashing, coating removal, paint stripping, mould cleaning and surface preparation. Engineered for high performance, PBCM is clearly the leader when it comes to productivity and value. This is sometimes called Plastic Media, – PBM (Plastic Blasting Media) or Plastic Abrasives.

All PBCM grades are non-toxic contain and is reusable, making them the ideal choice for most applications. PBCM works on all substrates including fiberglass, aluminium, copper, brass, plastics, rubber composites and steel due to its ease on the material’s surface, with no heat build-up or distortion. PBCM works on most blast cleaning equipment while generating little dust and has extended product life compared to other types of media.

These plastic grits come in different grades for different applications.


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