Proflo Abrasive Recycling System

Proflo Abrasive Recycling System

Proflo Abrasive Recycling System

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Proflo Abrasive Recycling System

Product Features
ProFlo Abrasive Recycling System is a manually loaded abrasive cleaning system combining an air wash stage with a screening system. The system is designed for use with a single pressure blast pot.
– Fully adjustable abrasive air wash system removes dust.
– Simple, efficient bucket elevator system.
– Single cartridge dry dust collection system with reverse pulse
cartridge purging.
– 240 Volt single-phase electrical power.
– Cleans garnet abrasive at 3,000 kg (6,600 lbs) per hour.
– Compatible with most commercial abrasive types.
– Optional stabilizer bars available for the elevator base plate frame.
Common Applications
– Extend recyclable abrasive life.
– Maintain abrasive efficiency by removing dust and debris.
– Reduce operating costs.

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