Helix 150 NPT valve assembly

Helix 150 NPT valve assembly

Helix 150 NPT valve assembly

Helix 150 NPT Valve Assembly
Produce Features
The PanBlastTM Helix 150 NPT Remote Control Valve combines the Helix 100 NPT Inlet Control Valve and the Helix 50 NPT Exhaust Control Valve, for a compact, air actuated valve that controls the blast pot supply air and exhaust, in tandem with a remote control handle. The NPT configuration is compatible with most U.S. blasting equipment.
Anodized internal parts.
Powder coated external parts.
Parts interchangeable with OEM RMS/RCV style valves.
Common Applications
On site industrial and commercial blasting.
Blast and painting contractor yard work.
Blast room applications.
In situ blasting in shipyards and slipways.

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