Electric 711 Mortar spraying machine

Electric 711 Mortar spraying machine

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Electric 711 Mortar spraying machine

Electric 711 Mortar spraying machine

Advantages of mortar spraying machine

1. There is basically no floor ash, saving water, saving materi-als.and reducing costs by more than 20%.

2. Simple operation, no need to set up scaffolding, no need tomove equipment, no need to repair stubble, the yin and yangcorners, and the top plate can be sprayed freely, which shortensthe construction period, improves the work progress, and savesthe cost of the frame material.

3. Fast speed, high efficiency, low labor intensity, a spraying-machine can easily spray 150 square meters per hour, elimi-natingthe preparation time, working 8 hours a day, can spray more than1000 square meters, equivalent to 20 skilled workers working hardfor a day Workload.

4. The quality of the project is guaranteed, The main disad-vantagesof the artificial whitewashed wall and the white-washed wall machineare the insufficient adhesion of the mortar and the wall and theinsufficient density of the mortar.The machine has a large filowrate and high pressure. The density of the mortar far exceeds thenational standard. The troubles and losses caused by quality,construction period,labor cost and other issues are eliminated.


1.Adjust the size of the flow, tune out the best coating results.

2.In addition to the electrical control box can switch, but also equipped with remote control switch spraying.

3.Gun connection with the feeding tube can be rotated for easy operation.

4.High efficiency, good quality.

5. Easy structure, easy to handling on-site,and accessories is cheap ,easy to maintenance.

Production capacity


Conveying particles


Conveying pressure


Conveying height


Conveying distance




Motor Power


Hopper volume


Total Weight






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