coneblast 1.2 less carriage

coneblast 1.2 less carriage

coneblast 1.2 less carriage

ConeBlast 1/2 Internal Pipe Tool
Product Features
The PanBlast TM ConeBlast 1/2” Internal Pipe Blaster provides efficient blasting of internal pipe
surfaces, and is suitable for pipe size ranging from 2” (50mm) ID to 12” (305mm) ID.
– Short venture nozzle
– 360° blast pattern
– Standard Tungsten carbide deflection tip, stem sleeves and
– Stem support
– Centering collars included
– Optional centering carriage for 5” (125mm) ID to 12” (305mm)
– ID pipe
– Optional Boron Carbide Deflection Tip
Common Applications
– Internal pipe cleaning prior to coating applications
– Pipe descaling and corrosion removal

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