1800 Glasses Sand Balsting Machine – เครื่องพ่นกระจก

1800 Glasses Sand Balsting Machine – เครื่องพ่นกระจก

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1800 Glasses Sand Balsting Machine – เครื่องพ่นกระจก

– Dimensions (L * W * H) (M) 6* 2.5 * 2
– Processing glass thickness (MM) 3~30
– The power demand AC380/50Hz
-Machine net weight 2 tons
– Machine capacity 1.5tons
– Device boot mode Electric start
– Machining area size (MM) The length is unlimited, the width is 80 ~ 1800
– Air compressor equipment Don’t need
– Dust removal fan 4-68
– Dust air volume 4200
– Abrasive particle size 24 ~ 46
– Abrasive dosage 0.5 tons
– Frosted glass production 600~1000m³
– Sweep the sand way Automatic brush sweeping system is adopted
– Control system Adopt PLC electrical control system
– The total power ≥13KW
– Main drive motor 5.5KW
– Dust exhausting fan 3KW
– On the ground dragon motor 1.1KW
– Under ground dragon motor 2.2KW
– Sweep the sand motor 0.75KW
– The sand motor 1.5KW
– The drive motor 0.55 KW (external three-crystal converter)


    1. Automatic sand system:When the old machine cycles, the sand only place a single, it needs workers to rake sand to keep the use of rake,it is very trouble.And If the rake sand does not lead in time ,it will lead to drag the drum burned.The new machine with automatic sand system, The sand chamber can be stirred evenly inside the sand, eliminating the need for artificial trouble, and reducing the loss of machine failure.
    2. Automatic damping system:Many customers buy the old machines, go back and replace the blade ,it has a big shock, and the sand blasting has no effect, because the balance did not adjust it.And each time you need to adjust a tool to change the balance, It is very trouble that it can not use if you can’t adjusted,This is the deadly problem of the old machine,The Huabang company’s automatic new blasting machine can increase the automatic damping function, it doesn’t need to adjust the balance after the replacement of the blade, it bring a great convenience to the customers.
    3. Core parts:The spindle has being in heating treatment and quenching straightening, the drums are cut through the straight line processing.The new hub will never break.The host steel plate increases a layer of one centimeter of the rubber plate, it is used to ensure that the host will not be worn inside.
    4. Sandblasting even, no dead angle, low energy consumption, no air compressor, sandblasting quick speed, low noise, little dust.

1800 Glasses Sand Balsting Machine – เครื่องพ่นกระจก

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