1” NPT diaphragm dump valve

1'' NPT diaphragm dump valve

1” NPT Diaphragm Dump Valve
Product Features
The PanBlastTM 1” NPT Diaphragm Dump Valve is an air actuated right angle exhaust valve, designed for blast pot exhaust applications where larger porting and flow capacities are required. The NPT configuration is compatible with most U.S. blasting equipment.
Simple design for easy operation and maintenance.
Powder coated, cast aluminum exterior.
Nitrile rubber diaphragm.
6mm (1/4”) NPT air supply connection.
25mm (1”) NPT exhaust air ports.
Repair parts readily available.
Common Applications
Blast pot exhaust systems requiring quick depressurization.
Economical remote exhaust control for simple blasting operations.

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