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    • Air driven after coolers

      Air Driven After Coolers
      Product Features
      PanBlastTM Compressed Air After Coolers are available in various sizes and specifications to suit varying market requirements worldwide. All units are portable, driven by a compressed air motor, and do not require an electrical supply for operation.
      Designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards and requirements.
      Industrial air motor driven, on electrical supply required.
      Fan-aluminum hub, polypropylene blades.
      Brazed bar and plate aluminum core.
      Aluminum core heat exchanger.
      1034 kPa (150pis) maximum operating pressure.
      Low maintenance and operating cost.
      Energy efficient.
      Maximum pressure drop < 3psi. Available flow rates 250-3000 CFM. Ergonomic portable site design. Coolers should not operate in ambient temperatures below 35 °F (1°C). Heavy duty compact design and rugged heavy duty construction. Eliminates abrasive moisture contamination. No equipment or airline freeze ups. Common Applications Compressed air preparation for all types of blasting applications Used in conjunction with desiccant or deliquescent dryers for removal of up to 90% moisture. In high humidity environments for maximum blasting productivity and reduced abrasive wastage.

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