• Hypoderic Needle Gauge

      Hypodermic Needle Gauge
      Product Features
      The PanBlastTM Hypodermic Needle Gauge is a practical and economical tool for verifying blast pressure where it matters most-at the blast nozzle. It is particularly relevant for pressure-critical applications, blasting systems with extended hose lengths, and for verifying blast pressure after some nozzle wear.
      Full range, base entry pressure dial indicator.
      Fine hypodermic needle for clean blast hose penetration.
      No blast hose leaks after hypodermic needle removal.
      Common Applications
      Actual pressure verification at the blast nozzle.
      To assist with blast equipment setup and quality control.
      Blast pressure verification after some nozzle wear.

    • Wet Head Assembly

      Wet Head Assembly
      Product Features
      PanBlastTM Wet Head Assembly provides a water envelope around the blasting air and abrasive stream, in order to reduce the dust levels generated by the blasting process. Up to 80 % of the dust produced may be suppressed by this water envelope.
      Lightweight, durable nylon construction.
      Quick attachment via 3 tensioning screws.
      Operates at standard water line pressures.
      Connecting hose with flow regulation valve included.
      Common Applications
      Abrasive blasting in populated areas.
      Masonry and concrete blast cleaning.

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