Ply Endurolite

    • Ply Endurolite blast hose

      Product Features
      panblastTM endurolite light wall blast hoses are designed and manufactured to reduce operator fatigue, weighing approximately 30% less than heavy wall hoses. PanblastTM enduro heavy wall blast hoses, while heavier, offer approximately 20% longer service life. Available in a wide range of size and length combinations, to suit any blasting application.
      -2 ply and 4 ply versions available.
      -abrasive resive resistant natural rubber liner.
      -braided, high tensile textile cord reinforcing.
      -weather, ozone and abrasive resistant cover.
      Common Applications
      -on site industial and commercial blasting.
      -blast and painting contractor yard work
      -blast room applications.
      -ln situ blasting in shpyards and slipways.
      1.blast hose 13mm x 28mm x 10m L2
      2.blast hose 13mm x 28mm x 20m L2
      3.blast hose 19mm x 34mm x 10m L2
      4.blast hose 13mm x 28mm x 20m L2
      5.blast hose 25mm x 38mm x 20m L4
      6.blast hose 25mm x 38mm x 40m L4
      7.blast hose 32mm x 48mm x 20m L4
      8.blast hose 32mm x 48mm x 40m L4
      9.blast hose 38mm x 55mm x 20m L4
      10.blast hose 38mm x 55mm x 40m L4

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