• Nylon Blast Nozzle Holders

      Nylon Blast Nozzle Holders
      Product Features
      PanBlastTM Nylon Nozzle Holders (NNH) are designed for quick, secure attachment of nozzles to the blast hose, without the galling sometimes associated with aluminum. Nylon Nozzle Holders are available for all standard blast hose sizes, and with either 3/4″ (19mm) or 2” (50mm) threads.
      Lightweight, durable injection molded nylon.
      Internal raised thread eases fitting to the blast hose.
      Attachment screws and nozzle washer included.
      Common Applications
      On site industrial and commercial blasting.
      Blast and painting contractor yard work.
      Blast room applications.
      In situ blasting in shipyards and slipways.
      NCP-1 Locking PIN.

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