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we are One of the experts in Polishing, Cutting Wire and Shot Polishing in Thailand. We are a supplier of stainless steel polishing pads. Our products are made to meet the international standards as well as various types of abrasives. And polishing agents It also accepts orders for the production of tools for the purpose of the user.

           Our goal is to keep our customers’ goals fulfilled by meeting the needs of our customers, along with ongoing corporate development, making M & M. Have an effective management system. Can provide You with quality products. Quickly And impressive

            Our warehouse The warehouse is controlled by a modern warehouse system. To prepare for your needs.

            Expert Team For maximum performance, you can test the specimen to determine the type and size of the abrasive. M & M Experts advise on the use of various types of abrasives. To meet your needs. Correctly This helps to save time, reduce costs and keep up with market demand.


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